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of all the alephs this one has the most appealing report, the intense intellectual stimulation and pages of written notes, it sounds perfect.

Also form a chemical standpoint how could this not be a winner? I am, however, keen on reading any reports on this substance since its been saught-after by many over the years and now it has finally materialized. Would one still be able to go about one's daily work (nothing serious just some reading and grading) you think?

i had a buddy that claimed he was really good at eyeballing doses. ended up going to the ER after eyeballing some DOC. You must know that the only response that is in the spirit of harm reduction is "don't take it". I even had an afterglow and discontinued the use of psychedelics for a few years after it. i figured it was scheduled at the same time as 2C-B, but 2C-B didn't get scheduled until 1994.

Thank you nightwatch for listing the DOx compounds never knew there were so many. As for eyeballing DOC don't do it obviously eyeballing something that is active at 1mg is stupid use liquid measurement as stated above. maybe it had something to do with the death that shulgin talks about in pihkal?

At first the final form would occur at the end of the ligature, not necessarily at the end of the word.

After that the word-division was retained in the copies, even when it was not read (as in 2 Samuel 5:2, etc.).

3 int main(int argc, char **argv) 4 Lets put a break point before printf(buffer) (gdb)break 8 (gdb)run %x Lets see wat esp points to, (gdb)x/x $esp 0xbffff6d0: 0xbffff6e0 Now, lets see wat esp 4 contains (gdb) x/x $esp 4 0xbffff6d4: 0xbffff9d0This makes sense right!!! "\x52\x96\x04\x08"')%xx Qx%n P�JUNKQ�JUNKR�bffff9c7000000df b7e9dc28 test is at 0x8049650 with val=0x00000057We need the 'JUNK' to provide padding for the remaining 2 bytes to overwrite. They are found in the manuscripts, but naturally less freely on stone inscriptions than in books. The wonder is that there are not more, or even an initial, medial and final form for every letter, as in Arabic and Syriac. The Vowel-Letters: The four letters, ', h, w, y, seem to have been used to represent vowel sounds from the first.---------------==Format String Exploits==---------------// It's been a while since i contributed to the community. Introduction: There are a lot of articles on format string exploitation, so doing another is just re-inventing the wheel. Greets goes out to g4h members and in general to the hacking community ,specifically to scut (for his awesome article on fmt string exploits) , gera (insecure programming), aleph1 (for his STS for fun and profit.awesomeness).

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