Blogger feedburner not updating

In that post, it says, he could fix it by pinging the URL in troubleshoot tab inside your feedburner page, but whenever I pinged my URL, I got this message, “Your Ping resulted in an Error..”.

Then I clicked “Resync” button, hoped for my RSS feed problem to be solved, it did not help either..

Some old posts that points out about feed, and feedburner: Using feedcount feedburner to show how many subscriber you have Redirect feed to feedburner without plugin but theme Importing blog feed in Facebook Showing only summary of your post in feed Rss feed based on categories Firstly, I went to Google and search for the solution.

Surprisingly, I landed in a blogger friend’s blog post, Justin article, that seems to be exactly my problem, so I have tried the steps, all of them.

), in the last two or three days, you might notice the weird difference of email delivery. because I actually subscribe my own email subscription, that I discover very very useful if something goes wrong, I can immediately spot it myself. My problem this time, was my wordpress feed not updating, so is the feedburner email, it wasn’t updating as usual too.

It was weird, and that somehow bugs me in those days, and make me want to know why and how I can fix it.

Update: We no longer recommend using Feed Burner because it’s a dying product full of bugs.

To check you feed validity, go to Feedvalidator and enter your blog address and click on ‘Validate’.

If your feed is valid, then this is not the problem for you.

In the past we have shown you how to setup Feed Burner for your Word Press site.

Recently we had an issue here at WPBeginner where our Feedburner feed was not updating.

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