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If your guy loves to laugh, why not buy him a silly Fines for Snoring Money Tin.It's the perfect in-joke, and is also cheap enough for you to give him a more serious present as well.Whether he's a new flame and this is your first Christmas as a couple, or he's your fiance and you're getting ready to tie the knot in a few months, the holiday season is the perfect time to treat your man to a little luxury and lavishness.For many, present-buying can seem daunting at first, especially if you've got your hopes set on surprising him with an original gift that'll make his Xmas complete, but that's where we? For years now, we've been helping partners across the UK 'WOW' their boyfriends with unique ideas and inspiration. Of course, not everyone wants to be romantic at Christmas, and we've got plenty of funny and novelty gifts for those relationships that are more on the lighthearted side.Her desires might mirror those of a romantic movie.Women like luxury, but they can tell if you bought or organized something at the last minute.

More » Imagine ice cream that you can place in your pocket without worry of melting, stickiness or mess?

Here are my suggestions for affordable yet personal gifts that the new person in your life will enjoy.

Before we go onto the actual presents, my first suggestion would be to set a budget that both of you agree with, I know it’s slightly unromantic but it’ll save the potential awkwardness of one person spending a lot more than the other.

It’ll also help make the process less stressful as you’ll have a rough idea of what you’ll be able to afford and where to shop for it.

Whilst slightly impersonal, alcohol is always a safe bet for a Christmas gift as who can resist their favourite spirit over the festive period?

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