Dating sister in law after divorce

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I've been separated for a few months now and am just wondering how others deal with being ex-ed from the in-laws.

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"I couldn't believe they could freeze me out like that, without even hearing my side of the story.

I'm not trying to be funny by saying this, but often times, if you can't stand your in-laws, your divorce suddenly has a plus side. You never, ever have to go out for lunch or brunch or dinner with them ever again!

But, what if you actually like your soon-to-be ex's family and friends, and they basically tell you to lose their number?

At the beginning, when we first got separated, I kept waiting for a phone call. Someone else I know was told by her ex-sisters-in-law that she was prohibited from attending her ex-mother-in-law's funeral, even though the ex and her ex-mother-in-law were still really close, and the woman would have wanted her there.

"We're really sorry this is happening," I thought they'd call and say. " Or even, "We don't want to get involved, but we just want to let you know we are thinking of you during this difficult time." Nothing. There is also a guy I know whose ex-mother-in-law will not even attend her own grandchildren's birthday parties, because she doesn't want to look at her ex-son-in-law.

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