Is jim cantore and alexandra steele dating

At the age of 22, Jim Cantore attended Lyndon State College in the year 1986had his first job during his college days which was sponsored by The weather channel in the same year in the July.He says his career began with a small building having a small room with some casual satellite pictures and dialing radars.But, fans can't keep wondering and we like to answer you guys.Let's talk about the alleged marriage between Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore.He was grown in a supportive family who supported and inspired him for his each and every task.Due to his huge indulgence in nature and weather, he made his career in this field as a meteorologist.The handsomely dashing American television anchor and meteorologist Jim Cantore is the well-known personality in the America.He was born in February 16, 1964 in Beacon Falls Connecticut province in the United States. He was a music loving and a nature loving child since his early days.

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He is well known for his live field recordings of the weather events like Gustav, Andrew, Rita, Katrina, Floyd, Mitch, Hurricanes Ike etc.He earned his degree from the Lyndon State College in the year 1986.His nationality is American, and his ethnicity is white.American meteorologist Jim Cantore is a well-known personality across U. He has been known best for appearing as an on-air personality in The Weather Channel and was born on the 16th of February, 1964. This dude, of American nationality has managed to accumulate a huge number of fans awing to his skills as a weatherman on screen.

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