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God forbid interracial dating be at all complicated.

eloquently observed how Lee’s racism was being rebranded as normal drama based in morality, not race.

"I refuse to settle, to be average, to be basic," he explained.

It seemed as obvious as bad butt implants they were operating off purely sexual chemistry and not much substance — they literally talked about nothing.When De Mario’s estranged lover showed up at a basketball game to blow his cover, Rachel got them both in the same room to talk it out before confirming that he was full of shit.And even then, she heard him out a second time when he showed up at the mansion gates begging for a second chance.is not actually the place I would look for sound dating advice.The idea of getting engaged to someone after knowing them for only six weeks is absolutely terrifying to me, and love at first sight seems like one hell of a reach.

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