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Terracing is used to contain erosion in agricultural areas, and herding is confined mostly to Gozo.

There is little wildlife besides insects and migratory birds.

In this group you can expect regular and varied events throughout the year. Check out the group reviews, feedback on past events and the events coming up and see for yourself.

Whilst set up primarily for expats to find new friends and enjoy a great social life in Malta we welcome our local friends too.

Sicily is 58 miles (93.3 kilometers) to the north, and Tunisia is 194 miles (312.5 kilometers) to the west.

The territory of the three inhabited islands is 94.9 square miles (320 square kilometers).

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We enjoy a variety of social events with regular meals out, drinks evenings, book club, film nights, ten pin bowling and theatre trips.

In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte took over Malta from the Knights on his way to Egypt.

The French presence on the islands was short lived, as the English, who were requested by the Maltese to help them against the French, blockaded the islands in 1800.

Later on, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines, all left their traces on the Islands. John of Jerusalem who ruled over Malta from 1530 to 1798.

and left an important mark on the language of the Maltese.

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